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The Bernard F. Duhon Law Firm includes representing landowners in mineral lease negotiations with oil companies.


My practice includes representing landowners in mineral lease negotiations with oil companies.

A good mineral lease is important for two reasons.

  • First, to protect the landowner’s share of oil and gas revenues which may be generated from his or neighboring properties.
  • Second, a properly worded oil and gas lease will insure the owners’ land is protected when the industry uses that property for its exploration and development. It is important that your property is returned to you in a condition suitable for future use.

Rights of ways for pipelines and roads are an important part of a landowner’s consideration. If not careful pipelines and company roads can interfere with use of your land. So it’s important to get legal advice early.

An important part of the landowner’s representation is the unitization process. This is where it is determined what a proportion of oil & gas revenues a landowner may receive. This almost always requires hiring petroleum geologists and engineers, to represent the landowner and present testimony at a Baton Rouge hearing for purposes of determining whose land would share in revenue.

Often when there is oil production, family transfers of interest in the revenue stream are considered to save income taxes and estate taxes.


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